Uzbekistan has great potential in the agricultural sector. The success of the economy depends on the development of the agricultural industry. 
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev pays great attention to the development of the fruit and vegetable sector. According to the decree of President, our company was instructed to create the “Association of fruit and vegetable agroclusters” by the method of cooperation in the Samarkand region.
On October 5, 2019 with the support of the town council, AGROMIR Company has registered the “Association of fruit and vegetable agroclusters” in the Department of Justice of the Samarkand Region. 
On November 15, as part of the action plan, a three-week gardening seminar started with main subject on “Creating intensive gardens”. Representatives of farms from five regions of Samarkand and the students of agricultural universities attend the seminar. The seminar is being held at the Samarkand Veterinary Medical Institute and will last until December 9. 
The purpose of this event is to train specialists for the further development of agriculture in the direction of "intensive gardens". Our company specialists conduct training based on American practice and the main speaker of the event is Mr. Ross Penhalligen, professor from the University of Oregon in the USA. Mr. Penhalligen participated in 38 trainings organized by the US Agency for International Development, which were held in 41 countries around the world.
After the seminar, all participants will be awarded a certificate of training, which will give a unique opportunity to find a job in agricultural enterprises of Uzbekistan.