Gardening in Uzbekistan is developing at a rapid pace. One of the activities of the Agromir holding is the construction of "turnkey" gardens.

The grown seedlings can make a profit already at the age of 2-3 years, and professional gardeners know how to harvest and preserve the crop - high technologies allow achieving the optimal predicted result.

The right seedling is a seedling specially grown to meet the requirements of an intensive garden.

Intensive gardening features:

⏺   Support-trellis system. The supporting structure is necessary for the correct formation of an intensive garden (ensures the safety of the crop and resistance to winds)

⏺  Sun-hail protection mesh protects trees and fruits from hail, UV sunburn, and birds, and also serves to create a microclimate.

⏺  Drip irrigation. The drip irrigation system provides the garden with the required amount of water, and at the same time, allows the application of fertilizers and plant protection products, saving water, fertilizers, and human resources all at once.

Agromir takes great pleasure in the opportunity to provide quality services to its customers and delight them with the results of their work.