"Making food safe and affordable"

Dear friends,

The outbreak of coronavirus infection in the world is an unprecedented event for everyone.

None of us have previously encountered a similar situation in which we are now.

At this point, our primary mission is to "make our food safe and affordable."

We take the most serious measures to keep our production running, our employees safe, and our consumers receive our juices whenever they need it.

We take serious steps to ensure the ongoing monitoring, protection, and safety of our employees at our sites, suppliers, and society at large.

We are guided by the requirements and recommendations of the relevant organizations, as well as the international quality management system, which is implemented at the enterprises of the Agromir group of companies.

We are in constant dialogue with representatives of the food industry, our customers, and suppliers to eliminate all possible risks in this situation. A crisis team has been created to ensure the uninterrupted provision of safe products to our customers.

We create a safe work environment and have already taken steps to ensure that our production sites and offices meet the most stringent hygiene requirements, and employees who maintain uninterrupted product delivery to retail outlets responsibly follow hygiene rules and maintain safe environment among colleagues, customers, and society as a whole.

Security measures: