Having reached the independence, our Republic has commenced its formation as the state with great future. The main virtues of the Republic are: natural resources, the nation striving to development and improvement for the good of the state. It is the thing which contributes to the strengthening of the economy.

Thus, in relation to the twenty-eight years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, took place a solemn awarding of DzhalalovShavkatAmonovich – the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “AGROMIR” group of Companies, the Company whose people make a huge contribution to the economy of the state.

Today, “AGROMIR” is a number of enterprises focusing on development, production and distribution of healthy foods on a fruit and vegetable basis: natural juices and nectars, juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable pastes and purees, grape and wine products, fruit and vegetable canned food.

The order was awarded for their great achievements in strengthening the independence of our state, increasing its economic potential and successful implementation of reforms, a worthy contribution to achieving great success in all areas of life of our society for in recent years, many-year fruitful and selfless work for the prosperity of the Motherland and improving the well-being of the nation, modernization of production domains and industries based on modern demands, introduction of advanced innovative technologies, creating a favourable investment climate, increasing the export potential, active participation in strengthening inter-ethnic friendship and harmony in society, educating the younger generation in a spirit of patriotism and loyalty to the ideas of independence, and activism in public life.

The group of Companies “AGROMIR” represented by DzhalalovShavkatAmonovich warmly thanks the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan MirziyoyevShavkatMiromonovich for his trust and high appreciation of work. We will continue to make every effort, maintain and multiply the results achieved and carry out the tasks entrusted to us by the state.