Brand "Bliss" sums up the results of the fourth draw!

All participants who correctly completed the terms of the competition and sent eight-digit codes from the caps to the short number 7889 automatically became participants in the drawing. Winners will receive an SMS with the results.

By publishing contact details, we draw your attention to the fact that part of the phone is hidden in order not to disclose personal information:

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 4 / 32G - (97) XXX 13 04

Samsung Galaxy Tab A82 / 16G - (99) XXX 30 64

Refrigerator Samsung RT25WW - (90) XXX 50 22

Samsung 40 M 5070 JEDI TV - (91) XXX 97 67

10,000,000 soums - (91) XXX 37 35

Do not forget that in order to receive a prize you must present a cap with a code.

We heartily congratulate the winners! Take part in the promotion and become a winner of 10,000,000 soums and other valuable prizes every week! The more codes, the more chances to win valuable prizes!