Juices and nectars 1 l

Juices 200ml

Juices125 ml

Production process

  • 1
    The fruits are gathered in gardens of Uzbekistan.
  • 2
    The fruits are carefully sorted, choosing only the most ripe, juicy and tasty fruits for juice production.
  • 3
    The sorted fruits are thoroughly washed, cleaned of dust and casual particles.
  • 4
    The fruits are minced until a uniform mass. Then, the fruit mass is being juiced.
  • 5
    The water is being evaporated from juice, then it is being filtered. There appeared concentrate.
  • The concentrate is kept in anticeptic bags in barrels.
  • The concentrated juice is being renewed with the help of water brought to homogenious state in special homogenizer apparatus.
  • The renewed juice has been cleaned of air and oxygen bubles, next follows thermal processing.
  • The juice is being spilled by 6 level of protection packs which saves all usefull properties of a product.